Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quaker Video Game Idea

My daughter, who will be ten this week, told us about her idea for a video game for Friends. She started by telling us that to gain strength, you attend meeting. Then once you have built up your strength, you go outside the meeting where you can buy things like organic food and plain dress and bring peace to the world. When your energy stores are depleted, you must go back to meeting for renewal. It made me laugh to hear it but it showed what she's been picking up about the goals and practice of the Friends in her life. It seems like a pretty good summation of our Quaker experience and one heck of a game. I wonder what we should call it?


Lone Star Ma said...

That's COOL.

Kiara said...

At ten, at least your daughter has the concept already. Its just a matter of how she developed that ability and putting it into the game. Nice. I think you might be interested on our Download Games website. I am certain that you child will love every game she will choose.

happyface said...

Interests of children can be seen on their thoughts and what they say. I am so amazed how a ten year old fancy about having a Video Games for her friends. She can be a good game developer if these skills were improved.