Monday, December 27, 2010

Guest Post by My Daughter 002 on Gratitude

We are all part of a very important speck that is on a very important marble that's in the bag of the galaxy that is made of the fabric of the universe.  So be thankful that you are here.  Be glad that you were born.  Be spontaneous because you are living.  Be happy that you are loved.

Words by my daughter, age 11
Image of a field near our house.


Cora said...

Very true words.

Lone Star Ma said...


Daniel Wilcox said...

Dear Daughter,

Thanks for the poetic thankfulness, especially the image "bag of the galaxy." I really like that image.


Anonymous said...

I hope you listen to her :)


Ev said...

Very reflective for an 11 year old! My 9 year old is thankful for his newest video game. Not really as deep LOL.


Hystery said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. She's thrilled to know that people have read her words. She feels the need to help the world and it hurts her a bit to know that as a child, she has so little power to do so.

Hi, Ev! My sons are also less introspective than their sister. That's not to say they aren't kind people. Like her, they get excited about the opportunities they have to give to charity or support a good cause. They're just more interested in playing.