Monday, August 20, 2007

Random thealogical thoughts

Although this obviously isn't the entirety of my belief, it is the part that most clearly influences my practice. Whether or not there is a God or gods is less important on a daily level than my belief in spiritual "energy" for lack of a better word. I believe that all things have an energy, a soul, a personality and that this energy is not separate from the physical matrix, but a part of it. As the Spiritualists used to say, matter is just denser than spirit, not alien to it. When I'm hanging out my laundry, I am mindful of the sun and the wind, the feel of the damp fabric, the way my hands move, my children in the yard, the dogs and the cats, the bird, the insect buzzing by my head, the feel of grass on bare feet....All these things have a personality...the animals and the children, the sun and the wind, the insect and even its buzzing...indeed, the event itself has a personality that sets it apart from other similar experinces. Even the pebbles in the garden, the very soil itself have personality--souls. My hands have a personality different than my own larger personality...(Don't ask me why but I'm pretty sure they have a better sense of humor.) In this way I see spirits as layering and gathering and joining into the greater Soul of the Earth Mother, then ever outward to the Soul of the Cosmos. And more than that, such combinations and differentiations are also possible inwardly to the mitochondria, and atoms, and subatoms and the spaces between.Also, my ancestors, human and non-human continue to be a part of me, as the influence of soul expands inwardly and outwardly through time as well as space.In my daily life, I feel this in the profound sense that there is a depth of personality and spirit in EVERYTHING which calls me toward mindfulness and patience. It calls me to refrain from objectification and abuse of the world around me-- not always a very easy thing to do, but a goal toward which I continue to grow.

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