Thursday, February 24, 2011

And now, just because it is on my mind, my own little song of songs.

 I was just thinking of a song I often hum to myself or sing in the shower.  It certainly isn't my best work, (in fact it is pretty juvenile) but it is really hard to forget something once you set it to music.  I wrote the words when I was about sixteen just before I ventured into Paganism.  It is sung to the tune of O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  It is funny to see how I had not yet been informed by feminist theory challenging negative valuation of the earth.  It is also funny to see what a crush I had on Jesus at the time.  There's some definite sexual tension in these lyrics.  Who needs vampires?

 (Sung to the tune of O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

One evening as I walked into a glade,
beneath the beech trees and their gentle shade.
I thought I heard a voice of purest gold.
It said to me, "My child," and then behold!
The sky, the sky with lightning it did break.
There came a flood with angels in its wake.
As one came near she smiled a smile so soft.
I held her hand as I was born aloft.
No more did the earth my poor feet enslave.
My flight was swift.  My heart, it was brave.
And then, behold, I gazed into his face, a face so lovely it made my heart race.
So there I stood alone before my God.
I could but weep I could but only sob.
Far too beautiful for my eyes to see.
Oh, how could one so lovely still love me?
And then, I sighed.  Into his arms I flew.
"My child," he whispered, "I would die for you."

Boy, I miss that Jesus-as-Eternal-Lover faith I had when I was a teenage girl before I plunged into my matronly cares!  I suppose it still lingers with me.  I never was good at the whole "Lord Jesus" deal.  I was always too much of a feminist for that, but Jesus as archetypal male manifestation of human compassion?  Christ as the deep and sweet passion between divinity and humanity?  As the intersection between Death and Life and Sex and Spirit and Right Now and Forever?  Christ as the female Persephone?  As Tammuz?  As Balder?  Christ as Beloved?  As Lover?  I want the Teresa of Avila raptures.  Oh, yeah.  Sing me a Song of Songs and sign me up for that hieros gamos any day of the week.  I don't mind waiting for that Bridegroom.

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