Friday, February 24, 2012

Privately Pagan

Dear Readers,

I am retiring, at least for now, the term Pagan from the title of my blog as the term, as it is most frequently applied by other Pagans, rarely reflects my beliefs or intentions as a spiritual person.  The word will continue to have meaning for me within my personal spiritual practice and private life. 
My thea/ological perspective has not changed.  My admiration for several other individuals who call themselves Pagan has not changed.  What has changed, and which has been changing for some time, is my naive belief that my confidence in the legitimacy and meaningfulness of my own definitions of Paganism could outweigh the fact that I stand against much of the most popular and pervasive attitudes and convictions shared by the Pagan authors and communities to which I have access.  I am only causing confusion when I continue to use the term.  So I will not.


Angie Quinby said...

I was amused and bemused that someone else is having some of the same thoughts about the pagan label. I hate labeling myself with anything, but pagan is the closest accepted term that I can come up with.

The Beliefnet article has prompted some other questions, which I am not going to focus on right now, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will go back and read it more closely when I am not so tired.

Hystery said...

The Beliefnet article which I deleted from the main body of the post because its inclusion muddies my communication also leads me to many thoughts that I'd have to communicate at another time more thoughtfully than I can do right now.

For me, the spirited advocacy of the rights and inclusion of LBGTQ folks is *not* political. For me that is a matter of religion. Equality is a matter of faith for me. I can also say that I don't have a dog in this particular fight inasmuch as ritual is not a part of my practice. Since I would not be tempted to participate in any ritual, let alone one that would exclude trans women, I can only criticize as an outsider.

Here's the web address for that article:

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