Friday, June 22, 2012

So very un-clever. Suggestions? turns out that for a number of reasons I have the intellectual wherewithal of a goldfish.  I used to be clever, but over the past five years, I've grown increasingly less so.  My writer's block has become more of a tackle followed by a vicious kick to my head. 

And my spirituality?  Please!  Talk about aridity.  Apparently I'm a latter-day Moses working on 40 years in the wilderness except without the burning bush, golden calf, commandments, charioteers, and shape-shifting serpent-sticks.  Not that I want any of those things, but it might be nice to have some compelling matter about which to write.  (Actually, I'm not much like Moses at all.  More like... what?  Like something different than Moses, but related in an intelligent little twist that will make my readers delighted.  Nope.  I got nothing.)

I need to start writing again.  I'm tired of this dry spell.  If anyone wanted to throw me a line, I'd appreciate it.  My own ideas are dull.  My own questions are stale.  My brain atrophies and my ideas......Whatever. Forget it.  This post stinks too.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with this post. Have you ever seen the studies about how the more competent someone becomes, the less competent they think themselves to be?

Maybe you should take some time out to just do things, have new experiences. Or maybe you could take something you would never in a million years think was worth writing about, like your front door or the physical sensation of walking, and write about it in intense detail.

RantWoman said...

Random RantWoman writing exercises

1. "When I was 18, I knew everything. Luckily I have forgotten a lot since then." Discuss

2. How do you select blogs for inclusion in blog roll?

3. Invite a word to set up housekeeping in your life. Can you write / collect 25 words / day? 100 words? Just collecting counts but if you cannot even collect 25 wors / day after 3 days, it's a bad houseguest. Kick it out. Fumigate in whatever form works for you and pick a new one.

4. Someone I know lays out Scrabble letters in acrostics and writes to whatever emerges.

5. Try a new form. Can you say it in 140 characters or fewer on Twitter? Will it work in haiku....?

6. I think the describe something in extravagant detail suggestion from above could be a lot of fun.

7. If you could rant in someone's voice, who would you choose and what kind of rant would you write...?

Probably I should stop. The point is not really to drown you especially if you are already feeling a "should."

Have fun?

Hystery said...

Thank you for the ideas. :-)

Lone Star Ma said...

I would like someone to write me some articles on these topics:

BlackberryJuniper and Sherbet said...

I didn't think this post was dumb at all. I feel the same way. If empathy is of any help. Hugs from England. And Rant Woman's suggestions were imaginative. :-)

Don't give up. Its horrible when the brain gets like this, but it will pass (and probably come back) but pass again. As long as you're still here and still sort of listening for a change in feeling, and trying ideas, your brain will feel clever and awake and excited again, sometime soon. Promise.

Daniel Wilcox said...

Hi Hystery,

Welcome to the writers' blockhead club;-)

I, of course, don't know what is blocking spiritual Living Water, and your creative writing from you right now. I thought maybe of sharing how I recently got beyond a long block from my own writing, but then realized it probably would not really be of benefit.

So here's instead a commitment that I will hold You and your family in the Light.

Daniel Wilcox

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