Monday, September 9, 2013

The Beacon Stone

b>BlackberryJuniper and Sherbet is a blog that I love to read. It is one of those blogs that makes me feel a little as if I have come home and am talking to a dear friend and a little like I'm peeking into the life of someone I admire but will never meet. Sometimes I think of her words days and weeks and months after I've read them because they speak to me so strongly. She doesn't know it, but I carry her words around in my head like my beacon stone. I was asked to contribute a guest post to Blackberry Juniper and Sherbet. I was honored, but nervous that I'd embarass myself. Perhaps I have. In any case, it is there for those who wish to read it. With my thanks I offer The Beacon Stone When you are there, continue reading to see why I love to spend time "over there" with an old friend I've never met.

Finally Spring

My kids and I planted bulbs today.  What a difference one week makes!  The spring warmth has brought everyone outdoors.  People are walking ...